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Other display items

 To create extra interest we also included some displays of wonderful photographs that are archived at the library. The photographs near the display cabinet will be a semi permanent part of our exhibition. We are now in the process of collating, adding extra images, cataloguing and creating a digital store of all the photographs we can find of Brackley's rich past. If you have any images you would like to share, please do get in touch. Email  For the launch weekend we also included some historical maps of Brackley which are part of the library's collection.

Cabinet Displays - Tall cabinet

 The taller cabinet shows Brackley's history from around 1500 to the Second World War. At the top of the cabinet, in pride of place, are the Second World War medals from the father of Caryl Billingham MBE. The World War I and II from Mr. G. Barnard, the lace items are on loan from Brackley's U3A Lace Making Group and the spinning items from Mrs H. Baker. We would like to thank these local people and groups for helping us provide a varied display.  

Cabinet Displays - low cabinet

 The lower cabinet in our display, goes from neolithic to the middle ages. The artifacts are from Northamptonshire ARC and Mr J. Possinger who is a local detectorist who we are so grateful to. The lower half of the cabinet has a model representation of the motte and bailey castle that was at the Tesco's end of town. This was kindly created by Mr K. Castle.