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"Living display"

  We are hoping that this display is a "living one" that gets items added to it while we have it on show.   We are sure there are many interesting items, photos and anecdotes that we don't know about that can be included, so please do get in touch!   Email

We'd love to hear from you!

For this display, we have out out a book for you to write your memories and anecdotes if you have lived in Brackley for a long time as we would love to find out what you can remember. We hope the display will spark fond memories of the past.

Cabinet Displays - low cabinet

 The low cabinet shows a map of Brackley from Station to Station, split in half with Top Station to Winchester House on the top shelf and Winchester House to Bottom Station on the lower shelf. There are numbered pins and a key to indicate what the premises was and is now. Surrounding the maps are a variety of photographs from the past. We also have our 20 minute powerpoint with a little more information about the stations, a few of the shops and local people, as well as a 1760s virtual pub crawl!

Cabinet Displays - Tall Cabinet

 The tall cabinets display items relating to Brackley's past. Local people have very kindly lent us items to display. They relate to  * Bronnley (yes we have the infamous lemon soap) * Trueform and shoe making (Dewetts was a shoe maker in Brackley located where the Wellbeing Centre is now) * Brewing (Brackley had three brewers)  * General store items including an image of a mynah bird in a cage! Pop in to find out more about that one as there is information on our powerpoint.  


  Our latest exhibition "Station to Station - A Trip Down Memory Lane" is now on display!   We'd love to know your memories from Brackley past and we have placed a book in the library for you to write your anecdotes.   If you have any photographs you would like to share, please get in touch, we'd love to see them.